10 Tips to stay healthy when eating out

I always get a little bit of anxiety when I am asked to go out to eat with friends and family. Those who have strict nutrition and health goals can probably relate to this stress. However, going out to eat doesn’t necessarily mean that you are doomed to fall off the wagon. Today, I’m going to share some tips on how to make healthy choices when at restaurants, because YES, you deserve to be social and to have a good time with friends! You CAN have the best of both worlds.

1.) Practice portion control

Restaurant portion sizes are completely ridiculous, and it can be hard not to physically eat everything that is front of us on our plate. In fact, most portions are fit to feed 2-3 people instead of just one person. This is why it is very important to be mindful about the quantity of food that is right front of you. A great rule of thumb is to only eat half of what is served to you on the plate, or to order an appetizer instead of a main.

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