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Great White Enterprises, LLC (Great White) is a developer and provider of multiple Online Shopping and Social Media Platforms spanning the globe in 103 Countries at present.

Great White’s business model is based on three core beliefs.

1: Social Media is the driving force that propels the internet

2: Online Shopping is now and will remain to be the preferred shopping platform used around the globe.

3: Integrating an Affiliate Marketing Program that shares a high portion of the revenue your online business generates with ALL your Affiliate Marketing Partners is the “back bone” of a successful online business.

Social Media and Online Shopping account for hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue annually. As a business owner when YOU share a high portion of YOUR profits with ALL your Affiliate Marketing Partners, each of you will profit many times over. This is a true win-win situation.

So what does this actually mean for the online shopper? The answer is A LOT. Simply stated when you shop YOU GET PAID and when one of your affiliates shop YOU GET PAID. A good example of a website which displays how our business model works when combined with Social Media and Online Shopping is a website Great White owns and operates called Social Media Marketplace.Shop

The multi-billion dollar online shopping industry is here to stay and will continue to grow and expand into areas yet to be tested. As the industry continues to grow and expand one factor of this growth will remain constant, you the shopper. Both now and into the future shoppers will remain to be the backbone of the online shopping industry and Social Media Marketplace.Shop will continue to generously share in our profits with “you the shopper”.

To better serve our Members, Affiliate Marketing Partners and expand our footprint into the offering of Information Technology products, Great White has entered into an affiliate relationship with Axis ITP.

Axis ITP is the leading company in Web-based, artificially intelligent, educational software, eCommerce, Comparison Shopping, Real Estate, B2B, B2C, CMS, CRM and custom software development. Founded in 2008 Axis now employs 100+ IT professionals around the globe.

Axis has built projects for Microsoft, Amazon and hundreds of other companies worldwide. There has always been a set of three keys to their success: (1) SUPERB QUALITY OF WORK; (2) REASONABLE PROJECT PRICING; and (3) DEDICATION TO THEIR PROJECTS. Today Axis The Information Technology Professionals stands tall in the IT Service Industry with clientele located in one hundred eighty countries.

To view a complete breakdown of the services we offer please visit: About Us & Our Service

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