When shopping online would you like to get paid for making your purchase and automatically become part of the multi-billion dollar online shopping industry? The answer is YES YOU CAN!

As providers of multiple online shopping platforms around the globe Social Media Marketplace.Shop believes that online shopping should be more than "just another convenient way to shop". It is our belief and business model that shoppers are the backbone of the online shopping industry and should have a right to share in our profits. Our shopping process spans the globe and is both simple and profitable.

When shoppers register at Social Media Marketplace.Shop they are automatically registered as an Affiliate Marketing Partner and become a member of our worldwide network of Affiliate Marketing Partners. If you are not an online shopper but would like to become an Affiliate Marketing Partner no problem, all you have to do is register at our website IT'S FREE!

Regardless of your location around the world if you have either a mobile phone a website or a blog you can become an Affiliate Marketing Partner. To create maximum earning potential each Affiliate Marketing Partner is allowed to register an unlimited number of people. Each and every time a person the Affiliate registered shops and makes a purchase the Affiliate Partner will "Get Paid" over & over!

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Expires: 2015-10-21

Expires: 2019-05-07

Expires: 2020-09-02

Expires: 2020-09-02

Expires: 2020-09-02

Expires: 2020-09-02

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